Manicure or pedicure


1. Shape your nails

Achieve salon-beautiful painted nails with the Revlon Style and Dry Manicure Set. The integrated dryer blows cool air to quickly dry nails so you’ll have no more imperfections on vanish nails. Shape and file thicker nails with the medium shaping disc. The small fine shaping disc is ideal for your thinner fingernails. To shape nail corners, use the thin pointed stone and then smooth nail edges and gently remove dead skin around the nails with the filing cone.

2. Treat your cuticles

Clean your nails, use the brush attachment and then carefully push back cuticles without causing damage using the handheld cuticle stick.

3. Get crazy with colors

Paint your nails with the colour you want, leaving a little space at joined edges of each nail so it can breathe.

4. Fix and dry your nail varnish

Then place your painted nails in the nail dryer opening of the device and press down on the dryer bottom with your finger pads until the cool air dries your nails perfectly.


1. Prepare your feet

First use the rough skin remover head to get rid of any hard skin around the heel or sole of your foot.

2. Share your nails

Shape and file thicker toenails with the large coarse shaping disc, and less thick nails with medium shaping disc.

3. Finish your pedi preparation

Smooth the nail surface and remove dead skin from around the nail with the thin rounded stone. Then buff toenails using the polishing disc for a glossy finish.