Short to medium hair

1. Blow-dry your hair

Blow-dry your hair with Revlon Tempest Power Dryer. Rough dry for a while with just your fingers using the heat setting that’s right for your hair – the finer and straighter your hair is, the lower heat you should use.

Then use the diffuser attachment if you’re looking to enhance your natural curls, or the ultra-slim 5mm concentrator for that professional blow-dried look.

2. Create glamourous waves

To create waves and volume, use Revlon Ceramic Round Porcupine Brush. Roll a section of your hair around it at the root and direct the dryer’s airflow from root to tip as you continue to roll the brush down your hair. The brush’s blend of natural and ionic coated bristles gently grip hair for easier styling, while reducing static, leaving hair soft and shiny.

3. For a soft, shiny, smooth style

If your hair is shorter or you want movement and shape with less volume, Revlon Ionic Slim Thermal Brush gives a soft, shiny, smooth style.

TIP: Remember to apply a cold shot from your Revlon Tempest Power Dryer to seal in the finished style and shine.